Veena Sharma is among India’s leading artists and a true maverick.
Recognised and featured internationally, her experimental style and finesse transformed Mythological Art & Paintings amongst Art Lovers and gave it a global edge while also ushering in a new era of exploration Pen & Acrylic on Canson Paper. Her journey with the art form began 31 years ago, and without any formal training, her undying passion and commitment have led her to become one of the leading artists of the contemporary era.

The strongest, most defining aspect of Veena’s aesthetic is that she never conformed to the conventional ‘rules’, but made her own. Her visual style is unmatched because it stems from her Indian roots, and yet transcends them to speak a contemporary language. Instead of
following western trends and masters, she created her own rare style by
drawing inspiration from her personal treasure of memories and
experiences in her own country India; small anecdotes of her childhood years, places she’d visited, or celebrations she’d seen, the culture and
traditions that influenced her while growing up. Her artwork speaks of positivity, joy, growth, freedom, love, unity, empathy, motherhood and strength. Using vibrant colours, drawing fine details, infusing elements of nature is her favourite form of expression.

She is one of the Indian woman artists who has been taught by the likes of Manjit Bawa, Niren Sengupta & Krishan Ahuja during her BFA days at the College of Art, Delhi University.

Her personal vision is to parallelly promote Indian Art at the Global level for a whole new tech-savvy iPad style generation and Art enthusiasts in India. Over the years her studio has been a learning centre and an
institution in itself. Her passion is to give India a global voice through
authentic Indian Mythological aesthetics is relived every day as she
approaches each new project with the same fervour and excitement of her inception years.

Her most sought-after & quintessential artwork include ArdhNarishwar, Super Mom, Agape, Krishna & Sakhees and many more……

Nikita was born in Faridabad, India. From an early age, she demonstrated an innate artistic talent and continued to bring her creative passion to fruition. She pursued art education and mastered the craft gradually, In 2014, she moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE where she currently resides.

Nikita expresses different moods in her stylised inspirational artwork.

I started out as an Artist with the urge to tell stories, give people new perspectives and ways of seeing the world via my Canvas. Today I am a makeup artist turned artist, influencer and avid Traveller based in the desert city of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Nikita is a multi-talented artist whose artwork is characterised by innovative and versatile use of imagination and textures. She excels in using a variety of materials — from acrylic and oils to inks and dry media. In her unique and compelling work ‘HOPE’ she has captured fragments from her observations in the natural world.
Nikita excels in the use of colour configurations and the art of transforming geometric and curvilinear forms.
She explores the unlimited potentiality of chromatic and tonal scales, visual planes and volume within a two-dimensional framework.

“Art is my passion – Color Palette is my refuge. Combine the two, and that is where I am most at peace.”

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